Thursday, September 20, 2018

Welcome to K'nexpression!

Hey, all. First off, if you're reading this, I appreciate that you took the time to come here. While we all have varying levels of passion for building with K'nex, I hope either yours is already strong or that I might help you find more, and that you can contribute to our community in time.

So what is K'nexpression? Long story short, it's a place where, as a builder, I want to engage with and help establish more of the K'nex community, specifically the projectile launcher community. While there exist smaller communities on other sites such as YouTube, Reddit, and independent fan sites, they tend to be inactive or perhaps more focused on other areas of building. Sadly, the community for K'nex projectile launchers has been dwindling and scattered about. I'd like to drive interest into the hobby again by providing a place to discuss the hobby and provide guides and instructions to help new builders jump in. Eventually, I hope to develop this site into something more than just a blog.

And who am I anyway? While I don't mean to act like any big hotshot worth noting, the one thing I can brag about is having been a part of the community for a while. I started on Instructables back in late 2007 under the user "TheDunkis". For those unfamiliar, Instructables is a website for posting instructions on DIY projects, which naturally attracted some K'nex builders to utilize it, creating a fairly strong community for several years before it started dying off. The first projectile launcher posted there was on June 7th, 2006 by user "(your name here)", so while I was a year and a half late to the party, I wasn't too far behind and would stick around until this very day, not giving up the hobby. I've created my fair share of builds that we'll discuss in future posts. I'd also like to go over the history of important developments in K'nex projectile launcher building.

That's all for today. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you'll stick around. In my next post, I want to show anyone new to building projectile launchers just how easy it is to get started with a simple build that'll take only 13 pieces and a rubber band.

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