Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Assault Pistols

My apologies, still need a little more time to prepare the next guide. So today we're going over my brief episode with assault pistols

Assault pistols were the next progression after sidearms. While sidearms were generally designed to be pistols with small projectiles most commonly fed from a magazine in the handle, these lacked range and weren't really that practical. Assault pistols were generally small, stockless launchers that typically fired larger projectiles from larger magazines forward of the handle for better range. The concept had existed for a while, and examples of them existed pretty much from the start of K'nex repeaters, but I tried to turn them into another fad. I was motivated by seeing user bakenbitz making one, though honestly I cannot find a picture of his now. There are many, many examples of assault pistols that many other veteran builders have made but I'm going to just go over a few examples of my own.

I wouldn't technically qualify this one, but I figured it was worth showing.

I don't have a name for it, but it was my hurried entry into a competition, and truth be told I never even tested that it worked. The trigger was a bad design and the magazine wasn't as good as I was hoping. I basically had designed everything around the removable magazine concept which was based on another side arm at the time. The magazine was held in by a pair of tan locks at the bottom of the mag well and fed green rods. I figured it was pretty cool looking at the time, but not very functional.

My first real one I think I called the TDAP (TheDunkis's Assault Pistol) continuing my predictable naming scheme. It was incredibly simple but it set a sort of template for most other launchers I would make in this time period. It didn't have much going for it but the one sort of feature I gave it was the angled magazine for blue rods so that the design could still be overall more compact without compromising too much on the range.

Sadly it too had a pretty bad trigger and it had a tendency to jam, so I never posted instructions. I think I set aside assault rifles for a bit while I worked on other projects such as the TDSS, UMP, and El Mosquito + Nano. But I would eventually return first with a slightly different concept, not technically an assault pistol.

I don't think this was named, but it was basically just a shotgun. It's hard to see, but on the left is my first design for a shotgun shell; I filled all the slots of a pair of snowflakes with white rods, and then put orange connectors all around them to make something vaguely similar to a shotgun shell. You could then stuff a total of four green rods in the orange connectors. The only problem was that the design was large and impractical to really fit in a launcher somehow. So for practically I came up with another design as seen directly below the launcher, which was flatter and could fit up to six green rods. The launcher then loaded these shells through a gate on the side accessed by rotating the red three-slot connector in front about the white rod. I had finally come up with a decent trigger design that I'd use on all my other assault pistols going forward.

So I revisited the TDAP to make something a little more functional. I also tried to improve its looks. Another silly feature I gave it were folding sights. When folded down, they acted as "precision" sights though a little more difficult to use. When folded up, they were easier to use. But with K'nex as inaccurate as they are, sights are always more about the cool factor than anything. However, I still wasn't quite satisfied with this design. I wanted to make an assault pistol with a removable magazine.

So I kept the same basic style but added a removable magazine for single-slot connectors + green rods. The way I did it was weird. It rocked in AK-style but slightly canted to the right, and then slid in against the green rod protruding from the handguard to lock it in. It wasn't the prettiest system, but it worked fairly well from what I recall. Still, I wasn't satisfied enough with it to ever post. I think assault pistols were going out of popularity, they didn't really catch on for long.

Their designs, however, would influence the next fad. The next evolution in launchers would be Oodammo pistols, which we'll cover in another post.

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