Tuesday, October 9, 2018

In Regards to the Guide Series - Learning to Teach

This site is young and its viewers are few so disregard this post if it doesn't apply to you. If you've been following along, we've had two lessons thus far for new builders. Now, the tricky part for me is that there is a lot to learn, so many different directions we could head, and I'm just trying to decide which direction would be best and then what we can make to teach it.

The big thing is that, though I'll borrow instructions from others from time to time, I'll have to design most launchers myself to make instructions for them, and truth be told I don't have a backlog of designs in my head. I intend to design the launchers to be clean and easy to build at first, only getting more advanced in time as we utilize unconventional methods of using K'nex and such.

This is a greater effort than I thought, learning how to teach, to purposely make something simple yet still elegant, and so it will take me some time to develop a backlog of designs. Ideally, what I'd like to develop is a modular launcher, a basic launcher design that we can then modify with different parts as we learn new lessons, just so we can avoid some of the more repetitive aspects and focus on the main concepts of each lesson.

So, my apologies to new builders depending on these lessons to get into building, I promise there will be more in the future. But it will take time for me. In the mean time, I do intend to keep other content coming.

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