Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Oodassault 3.10 Demonstration and Instructions

So you may have read my post on the Oodassault series. At the bottom of the first part, I showed version 3.10 that I built recently. After letting it sit around for a while, I finally decided I'd get instructions and a video.

For those unfamiliar with the series and just interested in this one launcher, that's OK, here's a quick summary: It's a pistol-sized launcher that fires an ammo found by another user to have the best range and accuracy for purely unmodified K'nex ammo. As the name suggests, it's the 3rd version and 10th revision of a series I started long ago originally just to be the first of its kind, improving designs until it was finally a usable war launcher. It's built to be relatively compact and durable, and to get respectable ranges. The magazine tilts out and the mag follower locks down to make reloading quick and easy. I also designed clips to help make reloading quicker still. I've made other clip designs, but they weren't as durable. These can be safely carried in a pocket.

Here's a quick video demonstrating the launcher:

I decided that while it's still around, I'm going to use Instructables since I like its editor, but if you guys would prefer for me to post instructions directly on here, let me know. Here's the link to the instructions. It might be a bit advanced for new builders.

With the Oodassault deconstructed, I can begin work on my next project. I plan on revisiting the Barackuda, hopefully improving it, but at the least getting instructions for it too. I'm still planning on making a modular base launcher for the guide series, I apologize for the hold.

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