Thursday, December 20, 2018

Misc. Concepts Part 1

I've pretty much gone over all of my bigger contributions to the K'nex launcher community, so now I'm going to scrape the bottom of the barrel before I get back on track with other topics.

I've had my fair share of experimental and incomplete builds. Most of these things were too inconsequential at the time to really be worth showing, but altogether I figured I'll go through each one quick. I have another collection I'll grab eventually of ones left on my 3DS (yes, I originally used my DSes to take pictures, hence why some of them are pretty awful). I've got a lot to show, but not much to say, so hopefully this doesn't run on too long for you.

I apologize for how dark this photo is, it's really hard to make out what's going on. This was one of the very first repeating launchers I made before I really knew what I was doing. It had a small handle magazine and a trigger connecting a string to a rotating block sear behind the magazine.

There was a phase where I kept reusing this semi auto slingshot mechanism for different launcher designs. One was in the style of a Bren gun. It was really clunky to reload.

I've mentioned before I started as someone who wanted to make functional models of real firearms out of K'nex, though I never really did get good at it. Here was an attempt at an AR15 style one.

This one probably won't mean much since it's the least complete thing here, but at the time I was thinking of making an XM8 using shelled ammo. I spent a lot of time coming up with the receiver area. The design was such that the actual projectile would be held in place, but once shot out, the force of the magazine would push the shell off a ramp and out the right side, which I thought was pretty slick. That said, I never made it a functional launcher.

You get the drill by now, here was an iffy shot at the M1A1 Thompson. I didn't have enough pieces for the stock nor liked where the design was going.

So this was silly. I remember someone else made an Stg-44 and basically slammed my original one, went on how theirs was the best and whatnot. I got all fussy since mine was really old and I figured I could've made a much better one by then. But, as you'd probably guess, I didn't have enough pieces.

This one is a touch more interesting. It came right before the Oodassault 3.0 and gave me most of the design elements. The idea of this launcher in particular was a sort of mini slingshot. You'd push a black/clear rod through the front catching it directly on the band in back, then pull it the rest of the way to catch on the sear. The neat thing is this was quieter than a traditional striker-fired launcher. Its range and accuracy varied dramatically depending on when the rod began to spin out.

Eh, actually that's enough for now. I have a few more to show in another post, plus whatever I can pull off my 3DS eventually.

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