Friday, February 1, 2019

The BAWler (scrapped)

So this will be a short one today. I've been sidetracked with little, well, side projects before I get back on to stuff I promised for the blog. One of these sidetracks I'm ready to retire, though. You may remember from a previous post the BAW. Its design philosophy was to remain relatively simple, somewhat piece efficient, and just be a novelty. The design revolved around a removable magazine concept that was slightly novel at the time. However, a lot of elements of the launcher didn't age well, and I couldn't really recommend that anyone build it now. It wasn't the most ergonomic and it got pitiful range.

I've long wanted to update the BAW, keeping the same design philosophy but using modern building techniques. I've actually built something very similar before which I think I've shown, but couldn't work out a few quirks. Here's what I came up with this time before I quit it:

I was in the process of figuring out if I wanted it to launch shelled ammo or not to help increase range. It otherwise uses my favorite handle setup and a trigger I came up with long ago. What I was struggling with was how to add a striker guide to help stabilize the striker, and then how I'd add a stock around that.

What I realized all the meanwhile was that I didn't actually like the main design elements anymore. The trigger has a part sticking out at the top of the back of the handle. The magazine, the center point of the old launcher, is usable but somewhat flimsy, large, and limited in capacity if using shelled ammo or connector ammo. All and all it wasn't a simple design anymore that also didn't offer any real benefits over other systems for its complexity. I intend to come up with a new design to replace the BAW that truly focuses on simplicity and modularity. I've other personal projects taking priority at the moment, but I hope to reprioritize K'nex soon enough.

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